Brand DevelopmentAdvocacy in action!

Advocacy in action!

I’m am heading to Washington DC on my first official lobbying trip to advocate in favor of The CASE Act!

What is The CASE Act?

The CASE Act, or the Copyright Alternative in Small Claims Enforcement Act, would establish a small copyright claims tribunal within the Copyright Office. Much as a small claims court handles disputes with small claims quickly and easily, the small copyright claims tribunal would handle small copyright disputes where the potential award is less than $15,000, or $30,000 for multiple infringements. The process would be expedited and inexpensive, and legal counsel wouldn’t be required. While the awards given in the small claims tribunal are limited, it’s entirely optional; artists with a large copyright infringement to pursue could opt to go to federal court.

Click here to learn more about The CASE Act.

legislative meeting

I joined up with three other advocates from the Graphic Artists Guild and headed out. It was my first lobbying trip to DC. I was and still am ready to fight for the rights of creatives.


We met with staff of 15 House Representatives, 2 Senators, Senate Judiciary Counsel, and attended the Senate Judiciary Committee mark-up of The CASE Act.

Thank to everyone that made this trip a win! You contacted your senators and told them you support S 1273, the CASE Act, establishing a copyright small claims tribunal!

After having our bill (the CASE act) pass the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Kennedy took some time to tell me how much he loves my shoes 🙈

Hiphip hooray for a successful first time lobbying trip!!!!