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The Color Experience

The Color Experience

A virtual conference by ComfiArt where I got to share some gems about this creative life.

Another day another virtual meet up, but here is what made The Color Experience worth the ticket price.

It was an 8-hour affair filled with artist talks, musical entertainment and cultural nuances that were unique to the BIPOC community.

The Art of Music with Hourglass had me jiving in my virtual seat with all the “aye” and “that’s my sooong” ad libs anyone would utter on a physical dance floor.

Ashley Bella taught us how to get these coins with her “Monetizing your talent” session, Natina Marie talked to us about the importance of “Digital strategies to scale your artistry” and then there was me.

I had the honor of doing the closing session. If nerves could kill, I wouldn’t be here to tell you how great of an event it was. I focused on the idea of licensing, copyrighting and partnering with agencies to eliminate the “Starving Artist” lifestyle from anyone’s mind.

It is always a pleasure to share my industry knowledge with dope human being to help them get to the next level.