Why Your Website Isn’t Making Any Money

...and 5 Proven Steps To Increase Your Online Traffic and Sales FAST

You want to use a website to make money. Cool. You bought a domain name and hosting services from Godaddy. You hired a dope designer to build you a snazzy website with all kinds of cool features. Now you are waiting on the big bucks to roll in.

Stop right there!

At this point, if your website isn’t making money, it is probably your fault. Yep, I said it; it’s your fault! Not your designer, not WordPress, not your staff, YOU. You are the problem. Most failed entrepreneurs think, if I build something amazing, they will come.


How are people supposed to find your awesomeness if they don’t even know it exists! You have to tell people about it!

Great! You told some people about it but still nothing. Well, they probably didn’t stick around for very long because your website, even with all those fancy features, is boring! ZZZZZZZ There is nothing there that excites them enough to hit BOOK, BUY or Add to Cart.

Fine. You told everyone, and you have a bunch of snazzy new titles—still nothing. Guess what? The information on your website IS NOT HELPFUL. Nothing on your site tells your ideal customer that you can help them solve their problem or immediate need. They aren’t even sure you what any of those snazzy titles mean. 

In this post, I give you 5 Proven Steps To Increase Your Online Traffic and Sales FAST. 

  1. Use paid advertising
  2. Stay active on social media
  3. Creation of compelling and memorable content
  4. Creation of helpful industry tool or content
  5. The utilization of email newsletters
Using these five methods, I have helped business owners double their profits in as little as 30 days.
1. Use Paid Advertising

Advertisement has always been an effective way to drive publicity and awareness. In recent times, the importance of advertisement has only grown as it exists in various forms such as paid search, display ads, and social media to enhance website traffic. Despite the advantages of digital advertisement, it is not without its flaws. For example, display ads can be blocked by users, and the cost of Google ads on the search network is about $1 to $2 per click. Therefore it is important to plan effectively and choose the form of advertisement that aligns with your budget.

For example, if you are employing pay-per-click (PPC) ads, it is important that you begin with a campaign and different age groups which contain the keywords you are interested in. After the campaign commences, you can study the audience’s interaction with the keywords. As a result, you would determine the effectiveness of each keyword and how it has enhanced the website traffic.

2. Stay Active on Social Media

Social media is the mecca for new eyeballs at a low price when used correctly. You have to use social media like a content creator, not a consumer. Check out these examples of how to use social:

  • Post blogs, e-books, white papers, infographics, videos related to your brand or solves your ideal customer’s problem
  • Talk to your followers, repost their content, and tagging when they use your products or services
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Keep relevant links in your bio to promote new resources
  • Update your cover photo to highlight new tools or online promotions
  • Tag influencers who speak to your target audience
  • Give your followers juicy cliffhanger content so they are excited to click and learn more.
  • Share links to your content with people looking for solutions to problems you have solved

Here are some brands doing it right on social:

Away Instagram post


Tiffany & Co Instagram grid

Tiffany & Co.

Oepn English Facebook Page

Open English

Flat Out of Heels Twitter post

Flat Out Of Heels

3. Create Memorable Content

It’s not enough to post content if you want to cuts through the noise on the internet. Valuable and memorable content is a game-changer when it comes to increasing website traffic.

Consumers use search engines to find specific, thorough, and accurate answers to their questions.

We have all done that a million times, right?

Your website content should be there to provide answers to those questions.

Websites with blog content generate more than 400% of the search engine results compared to those without. Furthermore, sites that publish more than 16 lists every month get more traffic than those that post zero to four. This fact underlines the importance of compelling content and how it can drive website traffic to generate more sales.

Ultimately, the more you post well-researched content that appeals to your client, the more likely it is that your website traffic will improve, and so will your sales.

4. Create a Helpful Industry Tool or Content

Giving your ideal client something of use is a great way to drive more traffic. For example, I created a course teaching readers “How to Create 100’s of High-Quality Designs in less than 30 days”. We allow everyone to access it for free. I wanted to give entrepreneurs and digital marketing professionals a tool to make creating and sharing content more manageable.

Create various resources and content that help your ideal customer, then offer them free on your website. Offering resources in exchange for the user’s contact information, retarget those leads, and help them over the purchasing finish line.

These tools also give you something of value to share in LinkedIn Groups or forums where your ideal customer interact. If the resources and content are beneficial, you will inevitably increase website traffic and sales.

5. Build an Email List

Email letters have been proven to help boost website traffic and create a relationship with your client. However, before you send your emails, here are some of the things you should take of:

  • Add compelling and persuasive content to the body and end of the mail
  • Add a link where subscribers can read more
  • Ensure that the emails are mobile-ready.
  • You could make it personal by including the name of the subscriber in the letter.
  • You carry out A/B testing to see which part of the nails received more clicks.

That was a lot…

So Let’s make sure you got it.

If your website isn’t making cash, it’s probably because no one knows it exists, it is boring, or the information isn’t helpful. You can spend time trying to implement this independently, or you could hire an agency that gets actual results.

If you are ready to get more results with your business, check out my 100% FREE course that will help you get the tools you need to implement for all five steps on your own.

If you want help getting their lightning speed, use the link below to book a time to speak with me and my team.

I look forward to chatting with you.

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