An Event Marketers Guide to User-Generated Content

Any content—text, videos, photos, reviews, and so on—created by individuals rather than brands is known as user-generated content (UGC). Varying event brands frequently share UGC on their social media profiles, websites, and other marketing platforms.

More recently, Instagram and TikTok have become the primary channels for user-generated content (UGC) for many companies. Users make and share posts about your event, before, during or after it takes place, bringing it to the attention of their followers. Even better, you may share the thing they have shared with your audience as well, therefore increasing your reputation.

This guide will discuss why you should develop a user-generated content strategy and incorporate user-generated content (UGC) into your digital marketing activities.

Benefits of User-Generated Content

What does user-generated content mean, and why should you or your event planners be concerned about it? User-generated content (UGC) is a crucial marketing approach for three reasons.

1. It Advocates Authenticity.

When compared to brand-created content, attendees are 2.4 times more likely to believe user-generated content is legitimate. Because only about half of brands create authentic content, this gives brands a significant credibility boost.

2. It Builds a Foundation of Trust

Modern customers expect to know what they’re getting when they purchase something, whether it’s a product, a service, or an experience. For example, 30% of millennials would not visit a restaurant if its Instagram presence was lacking. They do not believe that the experience will be what they desire.

Keep in mind that those guests are looking at the restaurant’s profile and other customers’ content.

The same principle can be applied to an event experience whether it is a concert, conference, or tradeshow.

It all comes down to building trust. Consumers believe suggestions from individuals they know 92 percent of the time, and online consumers comment 70 percent of the time.

3. It Influence Buying Decisions

All of the benefits mentioned above of user-generated content lead to the ability to influence purchase decisions. It’s a big deal. UGC has a substantial impact on about 80% of people’s purchase decisions.

When posting user-generated content to drive sales, don’t forget about Instagram Stories. You can build a long-lasting album by combining the immediacy of Stories with the staying power of Highlights, allowing potential customers to watch for as long as they need to feel safe coming to your website to buy.

Three Essential Methods of Using User-Generated Content on Social Media

1. Create a passion for the brand

Humans are naturally envious creatures. Sharing unique user-generated content is a great way to pique interest in your brand. It’s highly effective for tourism and leisure businesses to present their place through the eyes of visitors. This technique may be applied to products as well. It’s an excellent approach to pique consumer interest in a new product.

2. Demonstrate (and encourage) brand loyalty

You need clients to make use of your brand for the first time to create desire. It’s all about cultivating long-term connections that result in repeated sales over time to build brand loyalty.

3. Create a library of content.

Creating new, fresh, and engaging content for your social media platforms may be a never-ending task. User-generated content campaigns are an excellent method to expand your content library and ensure that you’re continually sharing relevant information.

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