Brand DevelopmentClient Visits – New York

Client Visits – New York

Happy Hump Day!

Same time last week, I was up north hanging out with some of my favorite New Yorkers.

Took a couple days to work with Optimum Design & Consulting in their new Manhattan digs. It was 2 solid days packed with time-sensitive designs, good food, great drinks and even better company.

Before heading back to ATL, I got ⭐ Gary J. Nix ⭐ to schlep himself all the way to Brooklyn to talk diversity in advertising, drink some not so great coffee and eat a grilled cheese (no laptops allowed 😂).

It was a nice slow week.


Fast forward to this week, I am already down:

5,700+ emails

3 RFPs

12 new projects

3 new branding clients

3 private Paint + Sip parties


Last night, a friend told me I don’t really work for a living… I was offended for 2 seconds… then I realized I clearly make this look a lot easier than it is. 😅

I have no complaints.

I already consider this week a great one, filled with wins, progress and fun *cough* I mean work.


SN: Art Basel is coming, and I am excited!

4 exhibitions, 1 pop up shop and 2 live paintings😩


So, what is going on with you? How can I help?