In this episode, we have Lauren Grady. Lauren is a business event strategist who has spent the last decade designing event programming and human-centric experiences. Today, she leads the Event Center of Excellence at Bizzabo where she brings the most relevant and critical learnings to Event Experience Leaders around the world.  Lauren will discuss the […]

Group Convert CEO, Kim Dang

Facebook has billions of users from all different backgrounds, which poses an intriguing problem. There are many marketing alternatives available, but it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and attract an audience. One great solution is to start a business-related Facebook community.  Today, we’ll look at how to use facebook groups to […]

It is difficult to attract the right clients in the events industry, but it is not impossible to repel the wrong ones! Today, we are joined by Danielle Hughes. Danielle is the woman behind More Than Words, a copywriting consultancy that crafts strategy and content for design firms, mission-driven organizations, solopreneurs, and small businesses. Bring […]

When you are in the events space, one thing that you should ask yourself is this: “Am I creating an event that converts into a meaningful and fun experience for the guests while building revenues?” Today, we are joined by Liz Lathan, CMP, the co-founder of The Community Factory creating better belonging through small, transformational […]