Celebrating Community Heroes for Extraordinary Work

Case Study: Lauderhill Heroes Municipal Fundraising Event


The Lauderhill Heroes Award was created by Vice Mayor Melissa P. Dunn to honor ordinary people and organizations doing extraordinary things to make Lauderhill a better city to live, learn, work, play, shop, and do business. Awardees were nominated for their work in or their existence under the following categories:  healthcare, education, entrepreneurship, opportunities, residents, and service.

The project team identified a need for unique and memorable branding for promotional videos and graphic products. They wanted to highlight and celebrate the theme   “power of one.” The team also needed a branded sponsorship pack for fundraising before the event, positioning participants as architects of change.


The Results

This engagement with YKMD produced a solid working relationship with the Office of the City of Lauderhill. We were pleased to create visual communication items, including the official Lauderhill Heroes logo design, flyer, brand guidelines, social media post, on- and off-site signage, invitation, and sponsorship deck designs.

“I find her to be talented, professional and easy to work with. YKMD is where I go when I want something special to be created, something that connects deeply with the audience and inspires them to action.”

– Melissa Dunn, CEO, MD Marketing & Vice Mayor, City of Lauderhill

Brand colors

The gradient logo consists of the colors shown. 

As the primary logo is a gradient, we can also use the brand’s other colors interchangeably when necessary. Please find below the color codes and specifications.


Decorative Elements

Decorative elements incorporated intertwined lines and diamond-like shapes to emphasize connection, community, and star power.

Promotional Assets

The Lauderhill Heroes Award had six categories; Health, Education, Resident, Opportunities, Entrepreneurship, and Service. Each category was presented with a different brand color in promotional assets to highlight the diverse background of the honorees and the community.

Social Media Visuals

To continue building relationships with the wider community, we provided each honoree with customer promotional visuals to share on their varying social media platforms.

Videography Presentation Style

Videography solutions were an important aspect of this project as the city wanted to create a way for the wider community could connect with its Hereos even if they were not in attendance at the event.

The Process

Upon meeting with the client team, we gained clarity about the importance of the venture and what we needed to do to make the event successful. We then got to work on the deliverables and had to follow-up meetings to be as accessible as possible for any explanations or brainstorming sessions about several items included for completion.

We developed a series of designs starting with logo mockups to establish the brand’s identity, which was then implemented on promotional graphics such as magazine ads, flyers, posters, and social media visuals, as well as event signage program books.

Once the Lauderhill team approved all designs, we packaged the designed files and handed them over for production.

The Team

Creative Director – Yanique DaCosta

Art Director – Michael Guevarra

Videography – Alex Bailey

Copy writing – Karen Thorpe