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Case Study: Project Invent’s Future Fest


Project Invent is a national nonprofit organization that empowers students with 21st-century skills to succeed individually and create impact globally through invention. 

The project identified a need for clear and uniformed branding for their inaugural fundraising event, “FutureFest 2022”, at the end of the academic year. This is an event with the primary goal of supporting innovation and invention education, and highlighting the brilliant student minds seeking to solve real world issues, like climate change. 

Attendees had the chance to meet the student invention teams, watch live invention demos, experience interactive exhibits, and also honor the well-deserving awardees.


The Results

The Project Event team was able to keep their in house team focused on important, less delegatable tasks while YKMD handled creating design and marketing assets.

YKMD produced a host of promotional materials to allow for brand awareness and recall, in aid of engendering support and creating an environment that fosters the need to support the cause. This included creating and developing the program logo, social media posts, posters, event program book, step and repeat banners.


We are very interested in partnering again for future events since this has worked well for us. YKMD has been a godsend in the sense that we actually had time to devote to some other things.

This has allowed me to really utilize, not only designers, but talented people to help create a great and well-branded experience.

– Leigh Monistere, Project Invent

The Process

We met with the client, and made sure we received a clear understanding of the needs of the non-profit, and made it our duty to figure out the organization’s pain points. 

Post-meeting, we hit the ground running on the fundraisers branding despite the fact that the event was a little later on the planning path than we hoped. But that was quickly corrected with the YKMD team’s dedication to the project. We developed a series of designs, starting with logo mockups to establish the identity of the brand, that was then implemented into merch, program books, flyers and posters.

Once the Project Invent team approved all designs, we packaged the designed files and handed them over for production.

How It Started

All our projects start with hand-drawn pen sketches.


Sketching helps you extract numerous ideas out quickly before you enter into a graphics editor to start designing the look and feel.

– Creative Market


From these sketches our designers work alongside our creative directors to determine the best path forward to address our clients primary design objective.