370 Designs in 30 Days Got Them $25,000

Case Study: Optimum Design & Consulting


Optimum Design & Consulting had just landed their largest project ever by a factor of 5 — to promote about 150 events for Tribune Publishing over just nine months.

Each one needed a landing page, a slew of social media graphics (that kept changing), and a whole bunch of advertising. There were digital ads, print ads, and even billboard ads. Every ad was in a multitude of sizes. Of course, there was also signage for every event.

“It was a ton of work, and I knew immediately that we would need extra help to make it work…Yanique DaCosta was the person I called right away.”

Optimum only learned after signing the contract that Tribute Publishing had fired their internal team three months prior, leaving behind a backlog of work. This left them starting at a disadvantage.

The Results

Optimum was able to present their client with what ended up being several hundred pieces of content every day for months on end. We stepped into the breach and worked right alongside them in their late nights and weekend hours.

“Yanique even pulled some shifts while while traveling overseas with a volunteer project.”

“…these characteristics of Yanique’s made it very clear to me that when we needed somebody to have our backs and get the project done and make the client happy, it was her. She did an amazing job.”

Design Firm Owner

– Lara Kisielewska, Optimum Design & Consulting

Chicago Humanities Festival Advertising and Event Assets

Event Programs

big-booklet-template-standing-on-a-solid-surface-a15093 (1)

Digital Ads


Ad Email


Hartford Courant Top Work Places Event Assets

Half Page Program 


Event Signage

signage copy

Event Step & Repeat


SunSentinel Unscripted Book Tour Print Ads

Full Page Newspaper Print Ad

SS-Unscripted-Faces-Full Page-10x21_V4 copy

Quarter Page Newspaper Print Ad

SS-Unscripted-Faces-Quarter Page-4_915x10_5_V4 copy
SS-Unscripted-Faces-Quarter Page-4_915x10_5_V4_K copy

Their client loved the designs.

The Process

YKMD is one of the few companies that Lara Kisielewska, Optimum’s President, knew could step into the project and run with it with very little oversight. Optimum didn’t have any time to train new people or get them up to speed. Yanique was able to take a look at what needed to be executed and fit right into their workflow.

Yanique also had the meticulousness needed to produce the same ads in 15 different sizes and different specifications without missing a beat or making mistakes.

“…producing quality work at a very high rate.”

Yanique is able to work with very limited resources in little time. Optimum would not have had the happy client they ended up with without YKMD.