FinTech Company Increased Lead Generation by 105% with Trade Show Department Rebrand 

Incomm Trade Show Rebrand

Case Study: InComm Digital Solutions


InComm is a Financial Technology Company that offers prepaid card and transaction technologies, products, and services. The Company’s product lines include a suite of retail prepaid services, subscriber services, and payment solutions.
With seven different business units, Incomm’s Event Marketing Department was having a hard time creating a unified look and feel that properly represented the parent brand and the individual business units adequately.
Each business unit, though providing similar technology solutions, spoke to completely different audiences.


The Results

After the launch of the rebranded trade show material, the number of leads captured by the sales team increased by an average of 105%.

That is double and then some.

Design imagery was illustrated artwork of an end-user experience for each business unit.

Incomm Trade Show Rebrand 2

“Yanique is super creative, flexible, and versatile.

She’s excelled at updating our exhibition designs with a new creative approach while making sure to evolve within the brand guidelines. She went above and beyond by providing research to support her design choices as well as creating a design chart for it. She also supported our International events that were a huge success. I truly enjoyed working with her!”

Nilce P

– Nilce Gabriela Piccinini, InComm

“We received over 500 leads this year where last year we were closer to 250!!” 

Kailey Gallagher – Sr. Account Manager, InComm Digital Solutions


The Process

We got an idea of all the different sales channels, internal and external brands, and the different customer bases.

We gathered this knowledge by working with the sales associates and account managers from each business unit. Once the background information was aggregated, we hammered away to come up with a solution that worked for the brand holistically.


Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 3.52.34 AM

The trade show booth design isolates specific colors in the InComm color palette to create the best visual solution for the trade environment. 

PMS 187 C should always be used in the logo tag.

Process Black 90% must be used as the predominant color for all artwork.

Tints of the Process Black 90% should be used to create additional visuals with the exception of skin tone representative colors.

The secondary palette can be used to highlight or accent artwork but should never be the most dominant color used on any one piece.

Logo Usage

We decided to encase the white logo PMS 187 C to create a logo tag on the top of all booth graphics.

Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 4.02.21 AM