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Case Study: CustomerMojo


CustomerMojo was doing their designs in-house. They realized, when scaling up and managing different clients, that they needed to have a department or someone that could own the design component of the projects and be great at it. What they were doing was functional. It got the job done, but with the iOS versus Facebook battle royale, they felt stronger visual creatives would help their clients convert better amidst the turmoil.

Design is not their forte. They knew if they had a great design team, they would be able to elevate the quality of their work and their overall client success. They would be able to hand off the design responsibility to someone who would proclaim “this is what I do”.

CustomerMojo’s existing team could then focus on things they were better suited for, like brand strategy and managing ad campaigns.


The Results

CustomerMojo was spending a minimum of 4 hours creating visuals per client. They did this for over a dozen clients on a weekly basis. YKMD came in and gave them back those 48 hours per week to focus on moving the company forward. They now have the freedom to do what they do best, or just get some well-deserved rest.

“I know you’d think you could put a dollar figure on that, but peace of mind is something that’s huge. We don’t have to worry about losing sleep and stressing out and all of that kind of stuff and not delivering our greatest work. Now we could trust somebody to help us win with our clients and feel confident that the company could grow in a great direction.”

CustomerMojo’s first big win came in the first week of hiring YKMD. The client presented new designs to their client and they absolutely loved them.

Customer Mojo reviewed the designs with their client, asking, “What is your feedback? Which one do you prefer the most?” Their client responded, “I love all of them. These are amazing.”

For CustomerMojo, it was a different feeling to have their client’s stamp of approval on the designs they had already fallen in love with themselves.

“This was a different thing for the client to say, ‘I love what you guys are doing for us as a team.’”


Their client’s feedback further confirmed that they’d made the right decision to add YKMD to their team.

“Imagine how much freedom you will have by handing off your design work to a team that’s creative, that’s professional, that’s on time, and cranks out great work! Imagine having all of that and you don’t need to lose sleep doing it yourself. You can take a break and know you would still show up great to and for your clients. Imagine having all of that work in the hands of somebody else. That’s worth it. There’s no price that you could really put on that. That’s what you get when working with Yanique and her team. Exceptional work and more time to do whatever you want. It was a no-brainer before. It’s even more of a no-brainer now that we have worked with this team. I don’t know what you’re waiting for, but do it.”

Digital Marketing Agency Owner

– Leon Brown, CustomerMojo

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The Process

The moment they hired YKMD, they felt a big weight lifted off of their shoulders. CustomerMojo had finally found someone they could trust to handle this cumbersome task.

“The fact that you guys were excited in general showed how well you’re obviously suited for the work. That made me feel like we’re in the right hands.”


YKMD’s excitement, combined with their collaborative onboarding approach, allowed CustomerMojo to feel comfortable from the very beginning.

“All of those things made the transition comfortable…”

After initial conversations and onboarding, CustomerMojo was able to trust us to deliver efficiently and consistently at a high standard. After just two 30-minute weekly check-ins, they felt weekly check-ins were no longer needed and transitioned to a monthly check-in instead.


“…it’s been good.”