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Eventists 365 is all things corporate events all the time. Through narrative interviews, host Yanique DaCosta explores how corporate event professionals push through the craziness of the event world to create something out of nothing!

This is where they talk about the specific strategies and tactics that are working for them TODAY not 2, 4,5 years ago. By learning how these event professionals make magic behind the pipe and drape, you’ll gain the tools and confidence to do the same.

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“I am a creative with an obsession for producing amazing brand visuals that transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences.”

-Yanique DaCosta, MFA, LCAM

She is the owner, founder and Chief Creative Director of YKMD. YKMD is a design firm specializing in graphic design for corporate event planners and trade show marketers.

With 12+ years of design experience, the United States Department of Labor recognized her as an expert in Brand Development and Graphic Design by engaging her as a consultant for the federal 0*Net program.

DaCosta started the Eventist 365 podcast as a way to reconnect with the professional world after the passing of her father which was shortly followed by the murder of her little brother. Being no stranger to adversity she is ready to take life back by the horns.

Her portfolio includes brands like: Marriot, Under Armour, Quantstamp, InComm, Nation Trade Show Alliance and Bumble to name a few.

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Yanique DeCosta is crushing it. Met her in person and love what she does 🙂 keep it up!

Kmac DaBoss

August 26, 2022

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Paula Ramsey

September 24, 2022

What Listeners Are Saying…

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