Book Your Ideal Event Speaker: Everything you need to know with Joe Rojas

“If we can provide value, whether people come to do business with us or not, if they’re entrepreneurs, our whole vision is to create a world where entrepreneurs can thrive.” – Joe Rojas

In this episode of Eventist 365, we are joined by Joe Rojas, Co-Founder and Chief Visionary of Start Grow Manage, based in New York, and the Author of How Entrepreneurs Thrive.  He is a business coach, advisor, and consultant who helps entrepreneurs overcome the challenges of business formation to create profitable, growing businesses.

As a serial entrepreneur himself, he has faced the challenge of making new and growing businesses work.  His career started in the military, where he became an expert in information technology, eventually forming his own managed services company, which nearly failed.  Through that experience, he discovered the formula for growing businesses and learned that most entrepreneurs are good at what they do but often struggle to build a business.  

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