Planning Your Successful Conference in Metaverse

“There is a lot that we could communicate and feel in a virtual environment than in a Zoom meeting. So, I definitely think it’s the next step in virtual collaborations, and there is a lot of value to it, but the problem is change is always difficult for humans.”

In this episode of Eventist365, we are joined by Shahrouz Varshabi, CEO & Founder of Designity. In 2016, Shahrouz worked as a taxi driver and graphic designer in Iran. A few years later, he went to New York to pursue his American dream, and in 2014, he founded DesignedIn, which is now called Designity(find out why!).

Tune in as Shahrouz shares the three(3) things you should do to plan your successful conference in Metaverse and how the Metaverse can change the future of event space. 

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