Why people love Canva!

Really Yanique? What the hell!

That’s basically what all my graphic design peeps are saying right now.

Professional Graphic Designers have pretty strong feelings about Canva, and they are rarely good ones!

A matter a fact, the general consensus is that Canva is responsible for 90% of the ugliest designs living in the world today!

But give me some grace before you cut off my head.

If you are a fan of Canva, I completely get it!

However, even though I am a Professional Graphic Designer, I completely understand why people gravitate towards Canva.


In this article I will explain:

  • What is Canva?
  • Canva’s Best Features
  • Who should and shouldn’t use Canva


What is Canva?

Canva describes themselves as “a complete design tool for anyone who isn’t an experienced designer.”

I completely concur.

Canva is an online design platform available on desktop or mobile app that can be used to design a wide range of designs.

Canvas’s Best Features

Canva gives the everyday person with easy access to designs by providing:

  1. Easy drag and drop online interface
  2. Free premade templates
  3. Free photos for design use
  4. Ideal dimensions for a wide range of use cases 
  5. One-click photo background remover
  6. Photo effects to improve photos
  7. Font library

Who Should and Should NOT use Canva

With all that in mind, Canva is not the ideal design tool for everyone or every situation!

You heard all that fun stuff about Canva, but Graphic Designers still don’t love it!

But why?

Do Graphic Designer just want to take your money with overpriced designs?

Absolutely NOT!

As a Graphic Designer, I want you to MAKE ALL THE MONEY and I want you to get the best results with whatever designs you put out into the world.

However, I know as a business owner you have to be smart about the resources you include in your daily overhead. If it doesn’t make dollars then it doesn’t make sense.

“Canva is responsible for a lot of ugly design.”

– Delanie West

Unfortunately for us, professional graphic designers, ugly things can still make money!

If any of this sounds like you, I encourage you to stick to Canva until it’s not:

  1. You aren’t making any money
  2. You don’t have funds to invest in the growth of your business
  3. You have never sold a product or service
  4. The only people who have bought your product or service are friends and family
  5. You don’t know your ideal client or customer
  6. You don’t have a marketing plan
  7. You don’t want to create unique or trademarkable assets
  8. You have ALOT of free time

Now for the fun part!


How do you know if you have outgrown Canva?

Well, here it is.

You know it’s time to put your newly acquired Canva skills away when:

  1. You want to make MORE money and fast!
  2. Your product or service is actually selling to complete strangers (that means you have product-market fit)
  3. You are ready to improve the reputation of your product or service
  4. You know exactly who your customers are and what they like about your product and service
  5. You understand how the designs will be used or distributed
  6. You want to create unique and trademarkable brand assets
  7. You need more time to focus on building your business and are tired of getting lost in the weeds
  8. You are too busy making and editing Canva Designs to hang out with your family or friends

If you want to get more familiar with the type of designs that are out there, click here.

If you are looking for a graphic design team that can help you move this dream to a reality, click here and book a time to speak with me and my team.



  • Printed Banner

    Great article! A lot of people who are new to graphic design love Canva. Some people use this as a stepping stone in this industry. I'm just curious though, why are some graphic designers angry at Canva and its users?

    • Yanique DaCosta

      Some formally trained designers feel it commoditizes their work. I say it's just one more tool for us to use. Just like knowing Photoshop doesn't make you a designer, neither does knowing Canva.

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