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So I did a thing!

This past weekend was the 4th annual HUE Design Summit. Due to the unforeseen COVID circumstance, for the first time, it was held virtually. HUE Design Summit is an extended weekend experience that brings curated conversations and workshops in an environment where Black designers are given the space and tools necessary to advance in the ever changing world of technology.

I had the pleasure of presenting a workshop on pricing: PRICING AND ETHICAL GUIDELINES FOR GRAPHIC DESIGNERS.

Presentation extract:

Questions about money can cause quite a bit of angst in the design industry. The conversation is even more jarring amongst black designers. By sharing the basics of industry pricing and ethical guidelines, this session will hopefully help ease any anxiety around “money talks”. It’s time you get paid the funds that are commensurate to the value your designs deliver.


I started off with how do you answer the age-old question “How much do you charge to design _____?” That quickly turned into discussing subjects like; assigning value, understanding and identify industry, negotiation and contracts.

Once my talk was over, I was happy to get a flood of social media DMse

“Thank you for your awesome words and light! I truly enjoyed your session earlier on the Hue Design Summit!”

“It was so great hearing you speaking today on day 2 of the Hue Summit. Teaching me, as a college student, not to lowball on the price point, for my work!”

I believe it is my duty to share as much information as I can with my fellow black designers. Systematic racism in America has made it difficult for Blacks to get proper guidance and mentorship on the path to career development.